The Mom Spot: Mrs-taken Identity…

We are grown-ups.
We are wives.
We are Moms.

As a matter of fact we’ve changed our names altogether. We are now “Mommy”.

Everyone that I care for most calls me by this name…even my own Mom. This is why I always capitalize the word Mom, well, because it’s my name.

This is not only our name, but also our most important role in life…it’s what I pride myself on the most.

I can’t even explain the joy that my husband and children bring me.

Do I sometimes feel like Motherhood swallows me whole? Sure I do…I sometimes think back to my pre-married life. Back to moments when I felt pretty good about myself and when I had time to do whatever I pleased. Times when I’ve felt pretty, smart, together, and even fairly confident. I’d get compliments from others about my hair, clothes, jewelry, or philosophical intuition and I thought that was really something special…after all, I spent enough time coordinating outfits/shoes, fixing my hair just right, and lazily drinking coffee with time to think about everything.

Now, as a Mom…most days I can’t carry a thought and spend less than 5 minutes getting myself ready (including hair and I don’t wear makeup). I usually show up everywhere with spit-up down my back and am always pulling out a cloth diaper when trying to find my wallet at check-out. I only shop at thrift shops (unless I can score a pair of Paige or Joe’s jeans on eBay for a little bit of money). I don’t always remember to re-latch my nursing bra so I’m sure that flatters whatever thrift shop shirt I’m wearing that day…

…and with all that said…I have never felt so truly beautiful in my entire life.

You can actually feel truly beautiful too and it has nothing to do with how you look. Maybe you have stretch marks or maybe you have a Mama pouch, but whoever says stretch marks aren’t beautiful must be crazy. These are just parts of the whole experience and are physical proof of being a beautiful, precious, delightful, graceful Mom. Not every women gets to be a Mom. We were honorably chosen to carry out this God-given duty and we are so blessed to be here doing what we are doing. It is such a gift to be called Mom by my four amazing children (well, only three of them can say Mom, but still).

My husband and I like to measure our success as parents by our children’s happiness and when I see their happiness I feel like the queen of the world.
No, they are not happy ALL of the time, but most of it. When they are grumpy I tell them…

…”if you can look at me without smiling then you are entitled to stay grumpy”…

…they haven’t been able to do it yet!