A Great-Full of Family Holiday Season…

It’s that time of year I like to call Fall.
The way I see it…Autumn and Fall are two different stages of the same season.
The season that comes between Summer and Winter.
Autumn brings sweet smells of harvest, beautifully painted leaves, bright green grass and a tender touch of sunshine.

Fall comes later and brings the subtle smell of woodsmoke, a layer of dead foliage that blankets the floor, and soft, brisk, kisses from the sassy winds.

Fall also brings us to a place of remembrance and thankfulness. It’s the time when we realize that the year is coming to a close.

Most of us are bustling around, making last minute plans and preparations for a fabulous feast we call Thanksgiving.

It’s hard to keep focused on what Thanksgiving is all about when you’re basting a turkey, whipping potatoes, chucking the corn, finding the remote control, threatening the dog, and refereeing the children all at the same time.

We have a Thanksgiving tradition…

…at the dinner table, when it’s your turn, you tell everyone what you’re thankful for. Most years I’m tempted to add a snarky remark to the end of my list…something like “I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is now one whole year away again…”

It’s really a lot of work…

…but it doesn’t need to be!

Here are some Thanksgiving thoughts to think about before the big day:

– NOTHING needs to come out perfectly.

-Thanksgiving is ALL about giving thanks and being with family while eating good food.

-The children LOVE to help! Assign each of them a task and then watch how excited they are about completing it.

-The football game starts at 1:00pm so get the men to help out EARLY…

-Cooking is always more enjoyable when sporting around a pretty apron (preferably one with a small pocket which I use for my wedding ring when touching raw meats or something else messy).

-Making up a family tradition can be so much fun!

Make this year’s Holiday Season be all about “being” with your family not “doing” for your family (I know that sounds impossible in most cases…especially mine). After all, we’re not human doings, we are human beings…ha!

Carpe Diem my fair ladies and may your Thanksgiving be meaningful, enjoyable and delightful.