The Mom Spot: New Year…old mess!

I always get really excited at this time of year. Yes, because Christmas is in a few days, but also because it’s about to be a new year.
A fresh, new, start. For some reason, no matter where I am in my life, I’m always looking forward to a fresh start. A chance to start anew.
This year is ending in a mere ten days and I’ve been daydreaming about it a lot lately. I find it helpful to try to reminisce and collect all of my thoughts about the passing year.
I like to remember where I started, what I’ve accomplished, mid-points and highlights, and I like to think about the goals that I will carrying over to the new year.
And of course I’ve been planning my New Year’s resolution.

This passing year has been amazing for me! A new baby, healthy and smart children, a loving and brilliant husband and a faith that’s just getting stronger and stronger.
Over all everything is swell, but there are areas still needing attention.
The great thing is that I know exactly what I need to change. I believe that knowing is half the battle.
I need to be more organized…period!
The problem is…I honestly don’t know how! There I admitted it! I don’t know how!

I’ve tried to keep up with things in my house, but after the first couple of days…they slip back to chaos.This is my New Year’s resolution…keep things neat and organized and I think I’m really going to do it this time! I’m going into it with a plan, a good plan.With the help of the Motivated Mom’s Daily cleaning Schedule, I’m going to have a tip-top-shaped house. The idea is to do a little bit of cleaning everyday, The motivated Mom’s schedule gives you a weekly scheduled task list as well as a small list of daily tasks. So if you’re anything like me, I get wind of guests coming and immediately say “Oh snap! I need to clean the house!”. Usually for me it’s a days work…as in it takes me the whole day to clean. I wouldn’t consider my house a terrible mess, it’s more like a beautiful mess. Never-the-less it’s a mess and I want that to be old news…goodbye whatever kind of mess you are!

If you are interested in purchasing the Motivated Moms Daily cleaning schedule it’s half price here {limited time only} if that link is no longer available you can Click here to visit Motivated Moms  {full price}.

As a new year’s gift, I will send one lucky reader a free copy of The Motivated Moms Daily Cleaning schedule. This schedule will include a daily bible reading schedule as well. In order to enter you must leave a comment {must enter by Friday 11:59pm on 12-23 }. I will pick a number through If you are that number commenter…you win!

Winner will be announced on Christmas day!

Don’t forget to let your friends in on this!