Stipulations to manipulation!


This can be difficult if you’re like me and can’t keep your hands out of your hair.  I read a book about natural hair care recently, that introduces a method that encourages “throwing away all your shampoos, flat irons,blow dryers, brushes, and hot combs,” personally I’m not that dang natural.  I’m what I like to call “a Polished Natural”.  I love different styles and the different textures that my natural hair allows me to experiment with.  That being said, I understand and appreciate wanting to protect your hair from the damage and breakage that over manipulation can cause… but like they say, everything in moderation!


For those transitioning from relaxed to natural, your goal is to find a style that is complimentary of not only your personal style but also effective in blending your textures.  Once you find a style(s) that you can love until your comfortable enough to “BC”, your manipulation will decrease.  Why? Because experimenting is exhausting not only on you, both emotionally and physically, it’s exhausting on you hair.  The sooner you find “your” style, the sooner both you and your hair can de-stress!

Only detangle your hair when it is wet.  If your hair is making noise (screaming) while you are dragging tiny tooth combs through it, STOP!!!  It’s screaming because you are ripping it out!!!  On average, 50-100 hairs shed everyday, therefore, if you are pulling globs of hair out of your combs/brushes…this is NOT ok!!! 

(Polished Naturals/Trendy Transitioners) This does not mean you have to be a wash n’ go natural, it just means that you should buy a cute spray bottle and spray your hair before you style it in the morning if you have a style that requires manipulation.  Please understand that little to no manipulation styles are the most desirable in retaining length and decreasing breakage.  Most of my styles last at least a week or two so other than applying my organic hair polish to my scalp, and either ECO Styler olive oil styling gel or IC Fantasia hair polisher gel (clear) to my edges (for a “polished” look), I only comb my hair when I wash or co-wash it, while its wet, with conditioner, with a wide tooth comb, usually in the shower.  (Relaxed ladies) should also limit manipulation, wrapping your hair in a silk scarf not only decreases the amount of styling required everyday, but it cuts down on the need to apply direct heat everyday (flat irons, etc.)

Don't let this be you!

Helpful Tips:

Protective styles: Braids/weaves (with careful consideration to hair around the hairline), wigs, Bantu knots, Flat twists, 2- Strand twists, Twist outs… the list goes on and one.   The goal of your protective style is to decrease manipulation and if possible conceal the ends of your hair.  

Need inspiration/style ideas click here.

Remember not to pull hair too tight in ponytails, bunnytails, puffs, clips, wigs, weaves, braids or twists.

Relaxed, transitioning or natural, AreVon Hair Studio, will keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful.  Click here to make an appointment.

Until next time, remember to reduce manipulation, protect your hair at night with silk/satin scarves and pillowcases, and find protective styles that represent your personal style and make your feel beautiful!  Be good to your hair.


Stay polished