Newport News Faith-Based Community Conference 2012 May 18 -19

The Coalition of Concerned Clergy will host a Faith-Based Community Conference May 18-19 in Newport News. The event is designed to help take back schools and communities in the Hampton Roads area and open dialogue on how to help make our area safe and economically sound. On Friday, a conference will be held at Gethsemane Baptist Church featuring three sessions on community leadership, unemployment and seniors. A luncheon,  free spaghetti dinner and a keynote address by Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson will be held as well. On Saturday, the “Raise The Roof” Youth Rally for ages 11-19 will be held at Heritage High School. The rally will feature various speakers and youth groups with special guest Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr. aka “No Malice” formerly of The Clipse. All events are free and open to the public. For more information visit COCC’s website.