Get into ‘Bad Habits’ for the summer

bad habits wing and oyster bar

Trying to get rid of those bad habits this summer? How about indulging in a bad habit that only has amazing consequences? In the Chesapeake area,  at the intersection of Mount Pleasant and Centerville,  is Joe Habit’s Oyster Bar and Grill – Bad Habits. Joe started his own restaurant after working as a teacher at Hickory High School and coaching the football team for 21 years. Joe wanted to give back to the community that has helped him so much over the years and he figured what better way than to satisfy the appetites of his friends and neighbors. The idea for Bad Habits came from the desire to merge the Outer Banks feel with a local wing place. Joe owns a small kiosk at Little Island Sandbridge called Big Joe’s Beach Grill. It has been running for 5 years and was the push that Joe needed to branch out.

The atmosphere at Bad Habits is more than meets the eye. With bar in the name, many would shy away from the restaurant and never see what is actually in store. The entire restaurant is beach themed with handcrafted surfboard tables and signs emphasizing relaxation and rejuvenation. Paintings of beach scenes and surfing litter the walls which were brought to life by Joe’s son Joey Habit, Jr. In all, the feel of the place radiates friendliness and hospitality. Bad Habits sells a plethora of seafood, filling burgers, their splendid She-crab soup that won the Taste of Chesapeake, as well as wings that are coated in winning sauces. The sauces are created by Kent, the owner of Lendy’s Café in Virginia Beach. His sauces have won contests for 15 years and are still going strong. The chefs, Bret Wellington and Josh Grimm, prepare the fresh seafood, which comes in from Lynnhaven inlet and the Eastern Shore. They are both students from Hickory High School and are now attending culinary school. Most of the staff are from Hickory and are a part of the surrounding community.

Due to Joe being a former teacher, he knows most of the customers in some way or another. Joe personally welcomes customers into his shop and sets the friendly atmosphere to make everyone feel at home. Every Saturday night there is Karaoke to add to the fun and relaxing feel. Bad Habits is open every night for dinner and closes at midnight. Excluding Mondays, they are also open for lunch time. So save some gas and come out to Bad Habits for that beach-y feel to enjoy wings, seafood, and great service in a relaxing atmosphere.

Joe Habit, Owner of Bad Habits