Christine Morales Fashion's Night Out Makeover Winner Peninsula Town Center

[Interview] Local wife and mom looks forward to makeover provided by Peninsula Town Center for Fashion’s Night Out on September 6

Christine Morales Fashion's Night Out Makeover Winner Peninsula Town CenterWhen Hampton Roads resident Christine Morales learned she had won Fashion’s Night Out makeover contest sponsored by Peninsula Town Center, the first thing that popped into the busy wife and mother’s mind was: “Oh my God, you’re kidding! No way,” she recalled, laughing. “It was kind of crazy, I couldn’t believe it.” Christine decided to enter the contest thinking it would be a great chance to receive professional advice to help boost her lacking sense of style and an opportunity for some much-needed pampering. As with most women who are focused on raising a family and a career, putting time and effort into her appearance was an afterthought. “Even before kids I was never into fashion before per se. I put it on the back-burner the whole time I was having children. In the last few years since I stopped having and nursing babies, I have been more conscious of the way I present myself and try to wear things that are flattering to what I have to work with in terms of my size.” Although she prides herself on not falling victim to the dreaded mom jeans, when describing her style Christine sums it up as being partial to what she calls her “uniform.” “Fashion for me is if I find a tank top I like I buy it in six colors. If I find a skirt or a pair of shorts that look awesome on me then I buy it in two or three colors. And that is pretty much my uniform.”  Add to that a year-round penchant for wearing flip-flops, not putting much time into her hair or properly applying makeup, and you have what Christine considers is a prime candidate for celeb stylist and red carpet guru Steven Cojocaru’s help.

When asked what she looks forward to most about Thursday – in addition to her excitement over meeting Cojo – she gushed, “Getting new clothes and getting rid of my gray roots.  I’m looking forward to a slightly updated new look with my hair and clothes.” Although excited about the makeover, in which she considers a “great opportunity,” Christine also shares her apprehension about being the center of attention at the Fashion’s Night Out event. “I have a love-hate relationship with it [being the center of attention.] I kind of love it and hate it at the same time.  I’m like ‘oh yeah this is so awesome, everybody look at me.’ Then it’s like ‘Oh no, everyone is looking at me,’ she laughed. While others may stress out as to what to wear Thursday night, one fact Christine takes comfort in is that she is in good hands. “I don’t have to give a thought as to what I should wear for the party. Cojo is going to make that decision for me, so I am guaranteed to look fabulous!”  As for what she would like to take away from the experience, she shared, “I am interested in hearing Cojo’s advice for me based on my age, preferences, my current look and body style. I would like to know what I may already have that is working for me, so I don’t have to go out and by a bunch of stuff to make improvements. [I would like to know] how I can make small changes in my wardrobe. Little tidbits of advice that I will be able to take away would be great.”

To see Christine’s fabulous transformation, come out Thursday night (September 6) to the VIP pre-event party at Cinebistro at 5:00 p.m. hosted by Cojo. Tickets are available for $35 and benefit the Junior League of Hampton Roads. Following the party, FNO will kick off at Town Square at 6:30 p.m. with shopping, prizes and more. Visit Peninsula Town Center’s website for complete information.