david tutera in hampton roads for uniquely yours bridal showcase

David Tutera wants brides in Hampton Roads to utilize his expertise this weekend at the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase

david tutera in hampton roads for uniquely yours bridal showcaseKnown for his elaborate and artistic wedding creations, celebrity wedding planner David Tutera still knows how to keep it practical when need be. In our interview, the host of We TV’s hit show “My Fair Wedding”  shared his advice for planning your wedding on a budget and embracing the process whether it’s your first time or your fourth time. In addition to wedding tips, David also shared two of his dream celebrity bridal clients. Read on for more…

We are looking forward to your visit to Hampton Roads this weekend. What are you hoping brides will take away from your VIP Events and the Uniquely Yours bridal show?

I want the brides to feel comfortable to come up to me and ask any questions and know that I am going to be very honest and give them the best advice possible. At the end of the day, I want every girl to know that there is a special way to execute their wedding without spending a lot of money.

Speaking of not spending a lot of money, what are some tips your can offer for budget conscious couples?

Stepping outside the box in the detail. It’s not about the money that you can or cannot spend, it’s about the detail of telling the story of the couple, which is the bride and groom. You want to make your wedding memorable in the sense that people feel like they are actually going to something that is more of an experience. The food represents who they are as a couple, the music represents the storytelling of who they are as a couple and their love. Change up the pace of the party so it isn’t the same traditional format over and over.

Some women who have been married before shy away from going all out or having the wedding of their dreams the next time around. Should they keep it low-key or is it okay to go all out even if it’s not your first trip down the aisle?

Absolutely. I’m a big fan if you have done it once or want to do it again, you should never look at yourself as considering it to be less or more. Always do it with your heart and make sure you actually execute it.

I came across David Tutera Wedding Planners, is that a new service you have launched?

It is, I would love for people to know if you go to DavidTuteraWeddingPlanners.com, it is a subscription service where you get all my knowledge of 25+ years and you have a team of experts that are available to you over the phone or online. It’s a very affordable tool to give you all of your wedding planning needs.

You have been fortunate to work with quite a few high profile celebs on their weddings and you tweeted you would love to work with Kelly Clarkson on her wedding.

I would! I would love to do that, yes!

Is there another dream bride that you would love to work with?

Lady Gaga is my other one!

For brides-to-be in Hampton Roads, if you are planning a wedding or vow renewal and would like David’s expert advice, now is your chance to get up close and personal with Mr. Tutera. You have the option to attend two VIP events on Saturday, January 12; a bridal luncheon showcasing his gown line with Mon Cheri as well as accessories and an evening event where he will discuss 2013 wedding trends. VIP event tickets are $50 per person per event, and are available for purchase online. Brides can also attend the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase featuring over 150 wedding vendors and a fashion show coordinated by Maya Couture for free on Sunday, January 13 at the Norfolk Scope Exhibition Hall. Doors open at 11 a.m.

*Special thank you to Rubin Communications Group for coordinating the interview.