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Inspiration: Stop, Look And Listen

orange tiger lilyIn the midst of your busy-ness, have you ever stopped even long enough to realize all that you are missing? You may be getting everything done on your list, but what about those most beautiful parts of your day? Though sometimes my day is way too busy and I wish I didn’t have to stop to take my little dog out, I am so grateful for his love and his needs. Without them, I would not take the time to enjoy this beautiful time of year, which God has given to each one of us.

I have tried to emulate what my dog, Jackson, teaches me, by his own actions. It is amazing what a little break in the sunshine does for his day. He lies outside, in the warm grass, and basks in the warmth and beauty of it all. I have learned, because of Jack, to allow the sun to shine on me, right along with him.

In the morning, when I take Jack outside, I hear the birds singing with joy and thankfulness, for yet another day. They know what gives them joy and they never miss a second of it as they sing to their heart’s content. We have so much to learn from what is all around us. I believe God gave birds that beautiful chirp to catch our attention, when we need some peace and relaxation, yet we fight it and close ourselves off to all of His beauty.

I love the clear nights, as well, after I get home from a late night at work. Again, Jack needs to be taken out and even he is in no rush to go back into the house. He looks up in the sky, realizing his connection to all those beautiful stars and big moon above. I am in awe of the vastness of the universe, when I do the same, and become mindful of just how small I am in comparison.

I must admit that if I didn’t have Jackson, I would still be missing all of these gifts….the very gifts that God gives us day after day, year after year, to enjoy. It is said that handmade gifts mean the most. Make up your mind you will never forget to stop, look and listen. God gives us his handiwork every single day, yet we choose so often to ignore it. Enjoy the gifts God has given, and don’t ever forget to say “thank you”.
Bonnie Florek is a writer and editor for Inkwell Editors and has written articles for She is a professional Christian soloist, has given a concert at the Crystal Cathedral, in California, and has recorded a solo CD. She has a strong faith and enjoys speaking and sharing, with others, her love for God. Bonnie writes Christian books, as well as books and monologues for Spooks and Legends Haunted Tours, LLC. She is available to speak at churches and for Christian groups. She also performs 18th century character monologues for group entertainment and education, haunted and history tours in Williamsburg, VA. You may contact her through,, or through this site.