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My Favorite Things: ShoeDazzle Shoes


I have not been this obsessed over anything in a while, and now I am sharing that obsession with you! I have known about the shoe dazzle shoes reviewcompany since Kim Kardashian first introduced it a few years ago, it just wasn’t something I was interested in at the time. Being that I am short and love shoes to give me a little lift, but also value comfort now over anything else, I fell in love with the wedge sneaker. I purchased my first pair from Steve Madden and became hooked. I wanted different styles and colors, but I didn’t want to break the bank. I came across the ShoeDazzle “Amuse” wedge sneaker and fell in love. The price was great, it was cute and on sale, so I ordered it in silver and white. They were SO comfortable and looked great on my foot. After my initial purchase I became ShoeDazzle crazy, and went on an ordering spree. After my first purchase in September, I ordered 6 more pairs in November! (Hides face in shame).  I purchased the “Izabel” in two colors, “Amuse” in Gold, “Boast,” “Marianny” and “Charge.” But being the smart and savvy shopper that I am, I always purchased the shoes on sale, so I got a great deal. 😉 I even purchased a pair from eBay that was no longer being sold on the site. I later received an invitation to become a ShoeDazzle VIP, which means even more savings. I also love the fact that I can skip a month (great for when money is tight, especially after the holidays). As long as they keep providing affordable and fashionable shoes, they have a customer in me!

Review by shoe

Izabel: Love these boots! They are so beautiful and comfortable; but they have a time limit. At least with me. After about three hours, I was ready to take them off.

Amuse: These sneakers are super comfy and I could wear them all day & night long!

Boast: Very comfy and cute!

Marianny: I LOVE this bootie but it doesn’t love me 🙁 It hurt/was uncomfortable from the time I put it on until the end of the night. It just progressively got worse. I don’t know if I ordered the wrong size or if the way the shoe is made is not good for my foot. Only wore it once (recently on our Anniversary) and I think I may sell them. :_(

Charge: Love this shoe! The ONLY downside is the squeaking it makes when you walk. It’s annoying but if you are in a noisy place, it’s not noticeable. Still hoping it goes away eventually. It was a great travel shoe (airport).

Riya (fur boots in pic): I haven’t worn these out yet, but I have a feeling they may not be for a lot of walking. Will update my review once I wear them.

Any other ShoeDazzle fans out there? What’s your favorite purchase?

* I was not paid to write this post, I am just a huge fan!