how to get rest for your body


how to get rest for your bodyRestless equates to “less rest.” I have been going non-stop and loving the new challenges ahead of me. Then I found myself burnt out and running on fumes, needless to say going nowhere. Extremely tired and feeling ill doesn’t mix well with a plate that runs over with obligations and responsibilities. Something had to give and it needed to happen fast. There is so much I need to get done, so I turned to my friends. I asked what energy drinks everyone recommends that actually works. I got different responses from taking a pill, 5-hour energy, types of coffee, tea etc. I contemplated on which one I would try and in the end I chose, none. I didn’t purchase or consume any of the products recommended by friends nor did I venture out to buy something different. However, I have been slowly getting my energy back. I have started to feel a little better. I reached for the most readily available, never will run out, free source of energy, the most organic and safest of them all; prayer.

Seriously, I prayed for God to renew my strength and energy to focus on and complete the tasks before me. It really was that simple, sort of. I meditated before I went to sleep and it was revealed to me what was missing. I had gotten so caught up in my work, completing tasks, grinding for my dreams that I had been neglecting my time with God and neglecting my time with me. Reconnecting with my prayer and meditation, reconnecting with my workouts has started to lift my energy levels back up. I am feeling better.

See our spiritual being is the connectivity of everything else in and around us. When we become so consumed with other things and our spiritual health starts to diminish so does the rest of us. God is our source of everything and when we are lacking it should yield a reminder to tap back into Him. It is also important to have some time for ourselves. Exercising really does help with your energy even though some will argue it makes them more tired. They’re doing it wrong. Their approach and mindset about their exercise is wrong. When you commit to making it a lifestyle and not a chore you will find how your spiritual health, mental health and physical health are all directly related and support your entire being and transposes into your environment. I like to say, 1+1+1 = 1 ; Spirit+Mind+Body =  Whole Self.

Today I charge all of us to STOP, make time for prayer, meditation and some level of exercise; a nice walk outside for a breath of fresh air is a great place to start. I’m sure you will feel a lot better afterwards and the next time you burn yourself out like I’ve done (cause we all do it), just remember 1+1+1=1 and get reconnected spiritually, mentally and physically.

Be Blessed…PEACE!

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