Candance Credle Dare to be you charity fashion show

Daughter Strives to Honor Late Father with Charity Fashion Show

Candance Credle Dare to be you charity fashion show

Earlier this month a remarkable event took place within the walls of The Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel; The Dare to Be You Charity Fashion Show, hosted by the very talented Cherina Tidwell. With every seat filled, photographers, red carpet, and vendors present, a diverse group of models took the runway in stunning garments provided by local designers. This group of gifted designers took the audience from business to casual, night life to the beach, and even formal wear. As everyone was entertained by a hilarious emcee and amazed by the fashion they were all there for a very impactful cause. Proceeds from this event would be donated to the cancer research organization, Demand Cures Today.

I had the pleasure of sitting with the heart beat behind it all, Candace Credle, also known to many as “The Fabulous Event Planner.”  “This was in honor of my father George W. Chandler Sr., who we lost in November 2013 to colon cancer,” said Credle.

She made it her mission to not only honor her father and his fight but also the fight of so many other family and friends that have been affected by cancer. With Credle’s background, it comes to no surprise to many that she could pull off an amazing fashion show but the most noteworthy of it all was her effort to use this platform to bring awareness and to celebrate lives lost as well as cancer survivors.

“It hit me when I got there,” said Inetha Boone-Rogers, Credle’s mother, as she zoned in on the reason they were all there and what the event meant for their family. “Not only was this for my daughters Candace and Cacheena’s father, but I’m a breast cancer survivor and their bonus mother, his wife, is also a breast cancer survivor.” She went on to eloquently and respectfully share the story of their family’s long history with cancer, both losses and survivals. This unfortunately is definitely not a cause new to this family.

Boone-Rogers proudly states, “When Candace decided to do this, I couldn’t do anything but support her”.

A familiar statement as Credle’s best friend, Sharika Perkins expressed the same thought.

“Candace being my best-friend, I’m going to support anything she does, the event was tremendous and means a lot to me personally as a cancer survivor myself. It is important that we bring awareness to everyone we can and what better way than to have fun doing it with a fashion show,” says Perkins.

Many of the attendees have been affected by cancer in some way; it is a highly relatable and very important cause. Hats off to Credle for taking the initiative to bring an event of this magnitude to the community. However; she makes it very clear she did not bring her vision to fruition alone. Credle acknowledges Erica Allen-Hall as the fabulous show coordinator who oversaw the models and designers as well as the entire DTBY Committee who delivered exceedingly in every aspect of their roles.

When asked what she hoped people took away from the event, Credle replied, “That support is key, even the simplest gesture of speaking, even to someone you don’t know, the support can make a big difference.” Holding back tears, speaking through the lump in her throat she ends with, “This was in honor of my father, and it’s the first of many.”

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