Estelle new album 2014

[Interview] Estelle Talks Life, Love, And Music With 757 Lifestyle

Nia Joseph and Estelle Media event Norfolk VA May  10, 2014

by: Dardinia Joseph  

We sat down in an interview with Grammy-Award winning singer Estelle to bring you the latest on her music, leisure and the break-up that made her stronger. Many people know Estelle as the swanky London girl who topped the charts with smashing hits like “American Boy,” feat Kanye West and “Wait a Minute (Just a Touch).” Her soulful voice and feel good lyrics quickly received massive praises from John Legend, Kanye West, Akon and many more.

This time, Estelle is breaking through that persona with the bare souled tell-all album entitled “All of Me.” Estelle makes it clear that while people may perceive her London up-bringing as “proper” she’s had her fair share of struggle growing up as a young girl in the hood. The new album is immersed in tribal beats, female sexuality with a tangy splash of bare honesty that encapsulates listeners; sure to be one of the hottest dance albums this summer.

“The new album captures everything, all of me,” says Estelle.

The singer, who is recently out of a 4 year relationship, expresses the importance of self exploration, values and being fulfilled. In our live interview at Norfolk, Va. (or what seemed like girl talk) she explains how being on the road away from the one you once loved can have such an impact on day to day life.

Estelle encourages owning who you are and being happy with life on your terms. Her new controversial hit “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” exudes female empowerment and raw honesty. All of the songs on Estelle’s album are a refreshing dive back into herself and as a result her roots.  Raised by a Grenadian father and Senegalese mother Estelle was immersed in culture from a young age. She admits that she grew up with the sounds of reggae, soca, zouk and dancehall, to name a few. As a Dominican born West Indian myself I asked the talented singer who her favorite Caribbean artists were and she replied with Mighty Sparrow, Buju Banton and other dancehall/reggae artists.

All in all Estelle’s number one advice is to communicate in relationships.

“Sometimes men don’t like to talk about problems,” she said adding, “You need to corner them, and get it out them if something is wrong.”

Estelle is scheduled to perform at the Essence 2014 Festival in New Orleans and is currently on tour promoting her new album, and her new and improved self.

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