great wolf lodge massachusetts

Wicked Fun At Great Wolf Lodge New England

great wolf lodge massachusetts

As a Ask-A-Mom panelist for Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg, I had the pleasure of attending the media preview/grand opening of Great Wolf Lodge New England. We spent 4 days and 3 nights at the lodge and had an awesome time! We arrived Wednesday afternoon after a 13-hour drive from Newport News. (We did stop a few times and ran into traffic, so the ride would have been around 9.5 – 10 hours if we drove straight there.) We were so excited to get out of the car – to see the lodge and to stretch our legs! Emily at the front desk was very sweet and welcoming (as was the rest of the staff).  It was great to see another lodge and compare how it differed from my home lodge in Williamsburg. The New England lodge feels more open and spacious and reminds me of being on a cruise ship due to the layout. I love the style and set-up of the lodge. One major difference as soon as you walk in is the fire place placement and there is no clock tower. They do have a giant tree with a bear and a forest friends show that is very interactive and fun. (SEE VIDEO OF THE SHOW)


We stayed in the family suite, which accommodates up to 5 people. The size was smaller than our lodge in Williamsburg, but it is enough space to be comfortable without being on top of one another. The standard suites are located in the main tower, while the themed & premium suites are in the located in the same area as Howlin’ Timbers Play Park. I love that idea as it makes you feel like you are in the center of the action and fun. During the tour, we were able to view the Wolf Den suite, which was really cute! The personal touches with the wolves on the wall paper and the lamps are adorable. SEE A PIC OF WOLF DEN BUNK BEDS The New England lodge offers all-new suite styles, which can be viewed here.

great wolf lodge massachusetts

Water Park & Arcade

great wolf lodge new england photos

One of my favorite things about the lodge is the Northern Lights arcade. It is casino-style and has a lot more room than our lodge here at home. It has a great variety of games that appeals to all ages and great prizes. I could stay in the arcade all day long!

The water park  at Great Wolf Lodge New England has two sides instead of one.  One side has the wave pool, Howlin’ Tornado, Wolf Tail, etc. while the side across the hall has Fort Mackenzie, Crooked Creek and more. They also have an exclusive new water slide – Wolf Tail. I wanted to try it but I chickened out. 🙁  My husband was brave enough to test it out and loved it. You stand inside with a count down and the sound of a beating heart when the floor drops from under you and shoots you through 8-seconds of fun through  a tube! It also involves a 360-degree turn. My hubby was impressed with how smooth a ride it was and that his swim trunks stayed up :D.  I am hoping that if we return in the future, I will work up enough nerve to try it for myself. Their Howlin’ Tornado wasn’t as intimidating as ours and the River Canyon Run was just as fun.

The kids loved playing on Big Foot Pass and shooting basketball in the pool. I talked them into hanging out in Crooked Creek (lazy river) with me, which is one of my favorites. It’s so relaxing to just float around in an inner tube. Another family favorite is Slap Tail Pond (wave pool) and the kids had a ball. The waves seemed stronger here than at home, which my husband loved. He said it reminded him of the ocean and being at the beach.

The kids always enjoy the water park the most and could have stayed in the water our entire trip. The water park was clean, water was comfortable and the air temperature was perfect.

Howlin’ Timbers Play Park

Another New England exclusive is the Howlin’ Timbers Play Park which features the Howlers’ Peak Ropes Course. I did try this out before coming down due to having on the wrong shoes. I had on wedge sneakers – regular athletic sneakers are recommended for better traction on the ropes and safety. I did enjoy the time I was up there. It was fun – and a little scary at times lol. There are different paths you can take and it is up to you which way you choose. My husband and son had a ball. My daughter did one walk across before coming down. I give her an “A” for effort. It’s great that they have a smaller course for the little ones as well. However, if you have a little one that wants to go up with you on the bigger course, I was told that was fine.

We enjoyed a round of Howl at the Moon mini golf, which was a lot of fun. While we were playing, my husband kept remarking about how beautiful the course was. It was beautifully decorated and I love that it is indoors (ours is outside).  It’s great that the holes are not too challenging for the younger kids to enjoy and have fun with the adults and older children.

One of the big hits at the park was the Sonic All-Stars basketball game. My son is a Sonic fanatic and loved every minute of playing. I am a Connect Four fan and head straight for it at our Northern Lights Arcade here at home. I was disappointed I didn’t see it in the arcade but later discovered it in the park.

indoor mini golf great wolf lodge new england

Scooops Kids Spa and Great Wolf Kids store

My daughter was given a complimentary Sprinkled in Scooops service and and Color-Your-Own pillowcase. She loved the spa service and tried to talk me into more – and a robe! The sprinkled in scooops service featured a scented hair spraying, lip gloss application, hand/arm massage with scented lotion, sash and crown. I loved how the service was done – it was so cute!

She could have colored her own T-Shirt but chose the pillowcase. That was a lot of fun! I enjoyed coloring with her and watching the bland white pillowcase come to life with the colors she chose.  It came out beautifully and I love that she has a keepsake from our time at the lodge.

We love our standard Great Wolf ears, but wanted something a little more girly and cute. I have seen the different ear styles of the Great Wolf Kids characters at home and wanted some Rachel ears. We had a pack member named Marisa who was sweet enough to offer to go to the Scooops spa and get a bow to tie onto my daughter’s ears. They gave it a great touch and was a hit at the lodge. Thanks to Marisa!

great wolf kids character items + scoops kids spa sprinkled in scoops service


The Lodge Wood Fired Grill was amazing!! I am not a meat person; I stopped eating it for years. I just started eating some meat again a year or two ago and still do not eat it very often. So for me to eat chicken every day I was there and to try ribs too – it has to be GREAT. We tried the wing appetizers and quesadillas  which were delicious. I am very big on food being the correct temperature and everything was perfect. I had the Char-grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach (one of my faves) and it was fantastic every time. My husband tried the steak, ribs and burger which he said were all seasoned to perfection. I can vouch for the ribs – they were melt in your mouth good! The kids enjoyed their mac and cheese, burgers and chicken as well. I am big fan of their mini desserts, as it is just enough! They offer amazing flavors such as S’mores, Raspberry Cheesecake and Berries Foster. Just like here at home, I would go to the lodge just to eat at the restaurant! The pizza at Hungy as a Wolf was also a hit with the family like always. I tried the fudge for the first time and it was out of this world. I love that it is made by the resort and only has 3 ingredients, with real butter being one of them. Dark chocolate was my favorite. We also tried the ice cream sundae which you can add the toppings yourself. One sundae was enough to share for two people. Yum! :p

great wolf lodge restaurant



We had a great time! We didn’t want to leave 🙁 The staff is so polite, interactive and accommodating. The lodge is wonderful and offers so much to do for the entire family. You will NEVER be bored while staying there! I am excited for the families in the New England area and beyond to experience what we do here at a home; a howlin’ good time and lots of family fun. I hope they love it as much as we do!

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