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How To Find New Things To Do In Hampton Roads

free travel guide appAs a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads, one of my biggest complaints used to be the lack of entertainment. I would constantly look for something fun, new or exciting to do. While that has changed in recent years, I often hear others complain about not knowing an event was in town or knew a new restaurant had opened, etc. So while there are a plethora of things to do in the Hampton Roads area, the problem now lies in finding out about it and constantly being updated with what is “happening now.” I discovered a new app that does just that. HeyLets is a new social network that lets you share your experiences in a fun and exciting feed close to your location. Whether you are at home or traveling and want to find a place to eat, hang out or do some sightseeing, HeyLets is the app for you. You can customize your preferences to be shown experiences that are similar to your interests. I would describe HeyLets as a combination of Instagram and Yelp. Each experience must feature a picture and a description of the experience to help inspire others to want to try the experience as well. It’s fun, it’s free and a great way to find new things in your area or beyond.  Check it out!


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