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Zootopia In Dolby Cinema At AMC Prime Review

Theater Review

We had the pleasure of seeing Zootopia yesterday morning in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime at AMC 24 Hampton Towne Centre. I will be the first to admit when I am wrong about something and I can happily say I was wrong about experiencing Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. I assumed that visiting one of the regular theaters at the AMC 24 in Hampton was the same as Dolby Cinema. There is a vast difference! I was blown away walking into the theater as I took in the luxurious seats and red-lit stadium seating.

AMC 24 Hampton Towne Centre Dolby Cinema

The seats were plush and comfortable with the ability to recline to give you a great viewing experience. In addition to the seating, once the previews started, we were treated to the amazing sound system and fantastic visuals that enhance the overall cinematic experience of viewing a movie in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. We were totally spoiled and can’t wait to go back! We will definitely keep an eye out to see what movies will be playing in Dolby Cinema at AMC 24 Hampton Towne Centre in the future.


Movie Review

Zootopia was a wonderful movie with a fantastic message. My husband said it was the best animated movie he has seen in a while and my daughter agreed. Disney Animation studios really took their time to craft the world of Zootopia and paid attention to the littlest details to really bring it to life.I loved seeing all of the different animals living and working together. I most of all loved that the movie will teach kids:

  1. You can be and do anything you put your mind to and work hard for.
  2. Not to judge people.
  3. The important of unity and coming/working together.
  4. Everyone has value/purpose and people can change for the better.
  5. Not allowing other peoples perceptions or opinions of you to change or define who you are.

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I could go on and on with the little nuggets of wisdom and life lessons that parents and little ones can take away from the film. I love that this messages came across organically and not in a “preachy way.”  With all that is going on in the world, the message is very timely. Despite the message(s), the film is a good time with beautiful visuals. When Judy is on the train on the way to Zootopia for the first time, I wanted to be right there with her, taking in the beauty of the metropolis. Thanks to the sound and immersive experience of Dolby Cinema, as she looked up at the skylight as the rain hit the top of the train, I felt as if I was along for the ride. It was a beautiful movie and  I look forward to owning the film once it hits DVD. It would also be awesome to have a sequel! 😉  You can catch Zootopia in Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime for the next week ONLY. Find your location from the list below. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as we did! If you have already seen Zootopia, what was your favorite part? Feel free to share in the comments below! (We loved the sloths at the DMV. So funny! You can check out that clip here)




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