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Review: Disney’s The Jungle Book

the jungle book amc theaters hampton roadsThere are few movies that live up to the hype and promise of a beautifully edited and cut trailer. We all have seen movies that were enticing in a preview, but failed miserably to deliver anything beyond that initial impression of a few exciting clips. Disney’s The Jungle Book was an exception to that rule and went above and beyond my expectations. The wonderfully told story set among a majestic jungle in India, follows the adventures of Mowgli as he sets out to forge his own path amidst a threat against his life and the only family he has ever known. Following the inspiration of the original Rudyard Kipling tale, the movie stayed true to its roots while branching out in a beautiful new direction. Jon Favreau, along with an extremely talented cast and crew, bought this amazing world to life and created an incredibly engaging and charming film. You are immersed into Mowgli’s world in such a way that lose yourself in the story and imagine you are experiencing his journey firsthand. The exceptional detail that went into creating the environment and the animals allowed for such a realistic performance that you forget that what you are seeing is not reality. The story itself will please audiences young and old alike, as it keeps a delicate balance of being entertaining and at times funny, without being overly childish or a stereotypical children’s movie. It makes for a perfect family film, whether your kids are school-age or teenagers. I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10

The Jungle Book will open in theaters nationwide on April 15. Find your theater and showtimes on Fandango.


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