Hard Hat Media Tour – InvadR


Get ready for the Viking invasion! The countdown is on until InvadR makes its debut at Busch Gardens Williamsburg this spring. I attended the Hard Hat Media Tour to see how construction is coming along on the park’s first wooden coaster. During the tour, we had the pleasure of hearing from key members of the Invadr team, including park President David Cromwell, director of design and engineering, Suzy Cheely, and Adam House, senior engineer for Great Coasters International.

Although touted as a family coaster due to the height requirement – only 46 inches – Adam made sure to drive home that the ride is intense (yet smooth) from beginning to end, with no “down time.” Featuring what Suzy affectionately called “bunny hills,” the ride has 9 airtime hills, two tunnels and a 74-foot drop with speeds reaching close to 50 mph. Another interesting fact about Invadr is that the trains are recycled from a ride at Busch Gardens Tampa. They have been completly redesigned and updated to fit the rides’ theming. You can check out how amazing they look below courtesy of BGW’s blog.  Read on for more specs…

invadr trains from busch gardens tampa




invadr 74 foot dropINVADR FACTS

  • Busch Garden’s Williamsburg’s first wooden roller coaster  (the ride will feature steel as well due to less maintenance in the off season but you still have the look and feel of a wooden coaster)
  • Scheduled to open in April 2017
  • Located in New France Village, near the Le Scoot water ride
  • 74-foot drop
  • 9 airtime hills
  • Max speed 48 mph
  • 2 tunnels
  • 46-inch height requirement
  • About 1:30 ride time


  • 96,000 bolted connections
  • Over 10,000 pounds of nails (5.4 tons)
  • 360,000 pounds (180 tons) of steel
  • 10,000 cubic feet of lumber (not including building walls or roofs)
  • 2,500 cubic yards of concrete

We can’t wait to ride! For more information and official updates on Invadr, visit the park’s official blog. You can see more construction pics of Invadr via our Instagram and Facebook pages. Are you as excited as we are for opening day?!