Review: InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The wait is finally over… InvadR officially opened to the public on Friday, April 7. (See footage from the opening of InvadR on our Facebook fan page.) As with any new ride, I am always apprehensive as I do not know what to expect. I quickly got over my pre-ride jitters with the first drop! InvadR delivers a swift and exciting ride with fun twists and turns with great air-time. It is the perfect first roller coaster for the little ones as it does a great job of providing an exciting and fun experience for a child’s first “big coaster” without overwhelming or scaring the child. As stated by Adam House during the Invadr Hard Hat Media Tour, the ride is great for the entire family (including the kids and grandparents!). I haven’t had the best experience in the past with wooden coasters as they can be quite jerky and painful. The ride was surprisingly smooth and enjoyable. I have been trying to get back to the park to experience it again and it proves to be quite a popular attraction. The line stays long which is a good sign – it’s a hit! You can check out our ride video below.


  • Busch Garden’s Williamsburg’s first wooden roller coaster  (the ride will feature steel as well due to less maintenance in the off season but you still have the look and feel of a wooden coaster)
  • Scheduled to open in April 2017
  • Located in New France Village, near the Le Scoot water ride
  • 74-foot drop
  • 9 airtime hills
  • Max speed 48 mph
  • 2 tunnels
  • 46-inch height requirement
  • About 1:30 ride time


  • 96,000 bolted connections
  • Over 10,000 pounds of nails (5.4 tons)
  • 360,000 pounds (180 tons) of steel
  • 10,000 cubic feet of lumber (not including building walls or roofs)
  • 2,500 cubic yards of concrete

Have you had a chance to check out InvadR? Share your thought’s on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s first wooden coaster below.