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Washington Redskins: No Excuses Allowed In NFL 2012 Season

The Washington Redskins know they’ve run out of excuses.

It’s a disturbing place to be. However, in a 10-year radius, the Redskins have managed to deplete any and every excuse they have in why they haven’t had good seasons.

And just like every commentator says at fourth and inches before a loss or win is determined more »

Redskins Should Be Taken Seriously

Why is it that everyone now wants to evaluate the depth of the Washington Redskins? Don’t bother to answer, because it’s obvious: There’s nothing to laugh at.

In the past couple of years the NFC East, along with the rest of the National Football League has taken pop shots at the Redskins over the more »

Naming RG3 Starting Quarterback Just Makes Sense


Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan was right to go ahead and name Robert Griffin III as the starting quarterback.  There was no reason to wait. To invest as much as the Washington Redskins have in acquiring the second round draft pick more »

Love & Relationships: Has Marriage Lost It’s Meaning?

After Kim Kardashian’s failed 72-day union to Kris Humpries, and the media circus that ensued, it has led many to question the sanctity of marriage. I cannot say that their rushed more »