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The Mom Spot: Role Model…

Role model:
a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people.

It’s so hard to find a good one of these {role model} for our youth these days. My son loves to watch sports. In the world of sports, the land of the Michael Ohers and Kurt more »

The Mom Spot: Make Peace With What You Have…

I was really missing my home town over the holidays. We’re used to having snow for Christmas and drinking hot cocoa while watching the frightful weather outside.
A couple of weeks ago, on my way to a Mom-and-Me activity, I got this feeling…a really comfortable feeling. It was almost like an “accepting” feeling.
My hometown more »

The Mom Spot: New Year…old mess!

I always get really excited at this time of year. Yes, because Christmas is in a few days, but also because it’s about to be a new year.
A fresh, new, start. For some reason, no matter where I am in my life, I’m always looking forward to a fresh start. A chance to start more »

The Mom Spot: Tis the season of getting…

Days are getting shorter and the air is becoming cool and thin.
Trees are bare and the grass is dimming.
Children are buzzing around with excitement while parents are decorating, tidying and trimming.
Lists are being made for gift-getting…

Shopping malls are filled with Santas you can’t visit without paying while China’s big factories are preparing more »

A Great-Full of Family Holiday Season…

It’s that time of year I like to call Fall.
The way I see it…Autumn and Fall are two different stages of the same season.
The season that comes between Summer and Winter.
Autumn brings sweet smells of harvest, beautifully painted leaves, bright green grass and a tender touch of sunshine.

more »

The Mom Spot: Mrs-taken Identity…

We are grown-ups.
We are wives.
We are Moms.

As a matter of fact we’ve changed our names altogether. We are now “Mommy”.

Everyone that I care for most calls me by this name…even my own Mom. This is why I always capitalize the word Mom, well, because it’s my name.

This is not only our name, but more »

Love & Relationships: Has Marriage Lost It’s Meaning?

After Kim Kardashian’s failed 72-day union to Kris Humpries, and the media circus that ensued, it has led many to question the sanctity of marriage. I cannot say that their rushed more »